Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tabbed Screens in Blackberry

As a beginner to mobile development, I noticed that most of the mobile application , especially UI applications, requires multiple screens to be accessible to users at a touch. Since I didn't had any existing implementations for tabbed screens for Blackberry java application development, I created this demo application just to make it easier for the next time.

The classes are quite simple and easily modifiable. All the screens are stacked in manner similar to tabbed pane. A sequence of buttons exist at the bottom of the screens that user can use to switch between the screens at a touch.

This demo application might come handy to new developers opting to learn Blackberry java application development.

Few others things that are included in this demo application is ScreenTitleBar (first screen). Its a customized UI manager that can have at most two fields on it ( BitmapBannerButtons in this app). Another is a composite UI field with a bitmap thumbnail view, title label and description. These demonstrate the way of creating customized GUI components using UI classes in Blackberry JDE.

Here is the link to the zipped file for the demo application project folder created using BB eclipse plugin on

Also if you have any questions regarding Blackberry java app development, the support forum is the best place to start looking.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

About this blog

I am a starter in Blackberry smartphone application development in java. I was thinking of writing and compiling articles on Blackberry application development in java. I will be adding contents soon.